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The Best Easy Pizza Dough

Easy Pizza Dough, Best Easy Pizza Dough

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This dough is great for pizza crusts, flatbreads, and even a cinnamon sugar pull apart! It comes together quickly in a food processor and can be frozen (after sitting in the fridge) for later use! 


Units Scale

415.8g Bread Flour plus more for dusting (~3.5 Cups)

6g kosher salt (~1 teaspoon)

6.5 grams instant yeast (about 2 1/3 teaspoons)**

9g extra virgin olive oil (about 1.5 tablespoons)

9.9g Honey (~0.5 Tablespoon)

252g lukewarm water (about 1 cup)*

Semolina flour for dusting when cooking (optional)


  1. Add the flour and salt to the bowl of a food processor with a dough blade, or a stand mixer with a dough hook. Turn the mixer on low, or pulse the food processor a few times to blend the flour and salt. 
  2. Combine the warm water, olive oil, honey and yeast whisking together. With the stand mixer on low, slowly pour in the liquid, making sure to get all the honey and ingredients if any settled to the bottom of your liquid cup. If using a food processor, pulse while pouring through the top spout. 
  3. Once all the ingredients have been added, allow the food processor to run until the mixture forms a ball. Continue to let it run for 20-25 seconds after a ball has been formed. Remove from the food processor and knead by hand on a floured surface 10-15 times.
  4. Divide dough in half and place in plastic bags or loosely covered bowls with plastic wrap and set in the fridge overnight or for 4 hours. I often freeze one the next day, and just use the other. 
  5. Remove the dough from the fridge 1-2 hours before you’d like to use it to let it come to room temperature. 

If using for Pizza in the Oven: Set pizza stone in oven and pre-heat to 425 F. Meanwhile, roll out your dough and set on a pizza peel generously sprinkled with semolina. Add sauce and toppings of your choice. Transfer to pizza stone and bake for ~15 minutes until golden brown and fully cooked. 

If using for Pizza on Grill: Pre-Heat grill to 500 – 600 F, or as hot as it will go. Sprinkle semolina on a pizza peel and set rolled out dough on top, making sure there’s plenty to keep the dough loose. Add sauce and toppings. Slide onto pre-heated grill grates and close grill. Cook for 3-5 minutes and check base of crust. If the edges still need to be cooked, but the base is getting too dark, lower the grill to its lowest setting and close the lid again. Continue cooking until crust is bubbly and golden brown. 

If baking for Pull-Apart Rolls: Roll room temperature dough into balls and dip into warm melted butter, then roll into cinnamon sugar. Set into cake pan and press the dough balls together so they lightly touch. While the oven pre-heats, set in a warm space to rise again until about doubled in size. Bake at 375 F for ~25 minutes, until a crisp crust on the outside forms, but still soft on the inside. Garnish with berry compote/whipped cream/greek yogurt or toppings of your choice. 


** If your scale does not do half grams, simply measure to the lower number and then add in a pinch or two more. If the number goes up to the next whole number, remove a pinch. It’s not the end of the world to be half a gram off in most recipes. 

* If using the dough later in the day rather than letting sit overnight, warm water to ~104-110F, this will help the dough proof faster than just using lukewarm water. The water should be hot but you should be able to comfortably hold a finger in it for 30 seconds. 

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