Tasting and Buying Guide – Wine Label Shopping


Have you ever bought a bottle of wine based on the label? Or, have you ever bought the same bottle of wine over and over because you didn't want to risk disappointment with something new? What if you could improve the odds of finding something great by learning what the style of wine is behind that label.

Here's how it works:
1. Pour Your Favorite Wine
2. Go through Part I which explains the tasting sheets at the end of the book, and fill out the tasting sheets while you drink.
3. Read Part II, which discusses why your wine tastes the way it does, and how you can find more wines that fit your tastes.
4. Buy a new bottle, and repeat!

This is a brief guide that covers some of the basic elements that compose wine and how wines differ from place to place and grape to grape.

The tasting sheets are a fun and interactive way for you to improve your tasting skills in order to understand your preferences, and ultimately to increase your knowledge in the wine store.


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