Wine with Pork

When pairing wine and pork one must think about the accompaniments that will also be present.

Pork is a “middle ground” protein. It’s not the heaviest, but not the lightest meat. Therefore, it can go well with full bodied whites as well as light bodied reds. Let the sauce and sides determine which side of the road you will go to.

Also, don’t forget rosé. If preparing a simple pork tenderloin with a simple sauce, a dark rosé would be lovely.

If you are preparing pork chops that are grilled or heavily roast with some char or deep maillard reaction (browning) look at a Pinot Noir from Washington State or Burgundy. Alternatively, you can look at a Beaujolais Cru such as Morgon, Moulin-a-Vent, Fleurie and Julienas.

If you are having roasted pork and there is some maillard reaction, but no char, look to an oaked Chardonnay. For example, from Napa Valley, California, or Pouilly-Fuisse in Burgundy, France. Another excellent option for this entrée would be an oaked Sauvignon Blanc from Napa Valley. The herbal grassy notes as well as the baking spice notes from oak on these wines would be exquisite.

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