Wine with Roast Chicken

Roast chicken is an excellent dish to pair with wine as the crispy skin allows for a wider range of pairings from Sauvignon Blanc to an oaked Chardonnay to even a light Pinot Noir.

Sauvignon blanc from Sancerre, France would be a refreshing contrast to the rich chicken, alternatively oaked and Sauvignon Blanc from California would be a nice compliment.

Chardonnay is heavier bodied and, especially when oaked, would provide a nice buttery and round compliment to the chicken. If the chicken is served with a gravy this could be complimentary pairing. When using cream or butter based sauces be careful that the sauce also has enough acidity in it (such as lemon juice or a vinegar), as a Californian Napa Valley Chardonnay may be an overly buttery combination, rather than a complimenting one. If you’re sauce is mostly creamy and not so acidic, try the Pinot Noir or the oaked Sauvignon Blanc options.

Pinot Noir from Santa Barbera or or Monterey would be a contrasting accompaniment to provide refreshing acidity and notes of tart red berries. These wines may or may not be matured in new oak barrels – if so, notes of baking spices would add body and depth to the wine.

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