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Girls Getaway Weekend & The Somm Chef

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Hi, Everyone! I am so excited to announce something that I’ve been working on with the Rosemary Beach Foundation and Hidden Lantern Bookstore.

What is Girls Getaway?

I am teaching a class for Girls Getaway weekend which happens every Super Bowl weekend. Girls Getaway is designed for women looking to connect with friends and family. As well as meet new people, and be in community with each other. The weekend offers multiple events such as a beach bonfire, live music from local artists, workshops, cocktail hours and more!

Most importantly, Girls Getaway benefits a good cause. In the past, it has benefitted the Neonatal unit at Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital. This year, Girls Getaway benefits a new Pediatric Emergency Room.

How The Somm Chef Fits in

The Class

In case you didn’t know – I offer experiences for clients near and far. This class is about Food and Wine Pairing 101. We will take basic elements of taste (acid, salt, fat, and sugar) and try each of them with four different wine styles (high acid/light body white, medium acid/full body white, high acid/light body red, and lower acid/full body red) to see how each taste impacts the various characteristics in wine.

It’s a great class for people of all knowledge levels because it really hits the “why” of wine pairing. Rather than just the “how” which is much more talked about.

If you’d like to attend Girls Getaway, check out the Rosemary Beach Foundation to learn when tickets go on sale. If you are curious about hosting your own class (virtual or in-person) let’s schedule a quick consultation call to see what we create.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Hi! I'm Sydney,

nice to meet you!

I left a marketing career in Hollywood to go to the Culinary Institute of America. After a few years of working in restaurants, I am now a private chef and sommelier in the 30a area.


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