California vs. France – Virtual Group Class


Compare the differences of Chardonnay grown in California and France, we’ll also briefly touch upon Burgundian Pinot Noir for the red lovers!

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For up to 10 People - the price may increase for a larger group.

In this class, we'll discuss how climate and a sense of terroir (sense of place) impact wine, causing the same grape varietals to have very different outcomes. We'll also briefly touch upon the Pinot Noir's of Burgundy as well to give you a taste of Burgundy's red.

Guests can pick and choose how much, or little, of each wine they would like to purchase for the class. While it is fun to have a chardonnay from each area to compare, it's not required and he/she will still get a lot out of the class.

Once again, a buying guide will be included and sent once the date is confirmed and payment is received. Please try to schedule at least 5 class days in advance.

If interested but still have questions, or would like to customize this class, schedule a 15-minute consultation call with me to further discuss!
If you're ready to book, please click the link above. 

*wines are not included, must be purchased separately*


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