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Review of Martha Stewart Wine Co


As a wine educator, Martha Stewart Wine Co sounded really interesting to me for a number of reasons. I’ll let you know that I am an affiliate with Martha Stewart Wine Co, but I only started recommending her products after going through this experience.

This blog post discusses why I think Martha Stewart Wine Co is one to keep on your radar, and some of my favorite finds from this large order.

How Martha Stewart Wine Co Works

When I stumbled upon Martha Stewart Wine Co, I thought, this woman really does it all! She really does.

Martha has partnered with a wine company that will sell, ship, and essentially white-label themselves, so Martha’s branding is all over everything. Well done, Martha. Well done.

What that means for you as a customer is a seamless browing and purchasing experience. You see Martha’s brief tasting notes, a quick bio of each wine, and can easily add it to your cart and pay for it all in one place.

You may think this is normal – however because of America’s archaic liquor laws, people who don’t have licenses to sell alochol can’t sell it directly. They have to partner up with distributors. Those distributors also have to partner up with certain wineries and get certain licenses to sell in different states. It’s a whole annoying issue. Thank you American Prohibition.

Martha Stewart Wine Co Labor Day Sale

She was having a labor day sale – all wines were $9.99 – ALL. WINES. I thought, there’s no way this is real, even for Martha Stewart. However, curiosity got the better of me. I thought I would just go online and make sure that the code didn’t work.

Truth be told – the code from the e-mail did not work. Ha! But on the front page of the website there was an ad for this very same deal – all wines $9.99 and a free magnum of rosé if you buy 14 bottles or more – but with a different code! I tried that one and it magically worked. This is where I got into trouble.

Is there a catch?

I thought – there’s still got to be a catch. A limit on how many bottles you can buy. So I decided to go through every single wine throughout the Martha Stewart website and I added to my cart anything that looked interesting. The most expensive bottle on the site was about $26. So none of these wines were incredibly expensive to begin with. At the end of my purusing I had 18 bottles in my cart and a discount on all of them.

Naturally – I knew I couldn’t just blow that much money on wine. So I thought I would narrow it down to 10 bottles – $100 worth of wine. Not a bad deal. And it’s good fodder for the Monday wine reviews! However, by the time I got to 10 I was sorely misisng some of the items I had removed from my cart (we all know that feeling…). Regardless of the fact that I didn’t need more wine to begin with. Or, the fact that I didn’t even plan on purchasing wine when I initially opened my e-mails anyways.

14 Bottles Later

I somehow felt that it was fate. Well – not so much that as they were offering a free bottle of rosé valued at $49 if you bought 14 bottles. That’s a game changer – you know? So all in – I bought the 14 bottles and got the magnum. You can imagine my husband’s face when I excited told him about my purchase. He’s a good one – that’s for sure.

Processing and Shipping

The website clearly stated (the Monday before Labor Day) that the wines would be delivered by Labor Day. I thought this was a bit optimistic – although Martha has been known to move mountains as the overachiever she is – but I decided to try it anyways.

The processing took about 24 hours. The shipping was a bit slower. Apparently a delivery was attempted (but according to my tracking the attempted delivery was in a county over, not where my mailbox is) at 8am on the Sunday before labor day. My mailbox is a UPS store which is handy for alcohol shipments so I don’t have be home when they arrive. The issue with this is that no UPS store is, nor should be, open at 8am on a Sunday morning. Especially on a holiday weekend.

Consequently – the wines arrived on the Tuesday following Labor Day. Not exactly Martha Stewart Wine Co’s fault, but not exactly mine either. It wasn’t a big deal – I was working all Labor Day weekend anyways. I tell you this so that you know, in case you need the wine by a very specific day. Considering the overall processing time, it was much quicker than I’ve found WineAccess (another great affiliate site, with more top tier wines) or Vivino.com to be. So if you need wine in a hurry (i.e. a week) I would recommend Martha Stewart Wine Co over those other two.

The Wines I Purchased

Here is a list of the wines I purchased. For a quick glace, I’ve put a green, yellow, or red circle next to each wine. The green means great experience, I would buy this again at the original (non-sale) price. Yellow means that it was a good wine, but you can find it closer to the sale price elsewhere. Red means that it was not a good wine or I would not recommend it.

If you see links for any of these wine names, it means that I’ve written a wine review about it and the region where it came from. In the event that you want to learn more. Even with the red wines – I recommend alternatives that you can find elsewhere. I will update this page as the wine reviews come out, so keep checking back!

Martha Stewart Wine Co Wines

El Macho Blanco 2020 original price: $13.99

2018 Villa Rosa Baga Reserva D.O.C. original price: $19.99

2020 Jean Boisselier Bourgogne Aligoté original price: $24.99

2017 Tűzkő Kékfrankos D.O.P original price: $19.99

2020 Calandrelle Vielles Vignes Pays d’Herault Cariginan original price: $17.99

2019 Château Tour Neuve Côtes de Bourg Bordeaux Rouge original price: $21.99

2020 L’arca Grillo Sicily D.O.C. original price: $16.99

2019 Balbo Estate Malbec original price: $19.99

Abbazia Cuvée Prestige original price: $24.99

2019 Abbazia Bané Monferrato D.O.C. original price $22.99

2018 Duck Point Syrah New Zealand original price: $18.99

2018 Terre Blanche Old Vines Graves Bordeaux original price $21.99

2018 Tripantu Carménère Reserve Colchagua Valley original price $19.99

2019 L’Arca Nero d’Avola Sicily D.O.C. original price $17.99

2020 Un Jardin d’Été Rosé Magnum original price $44.99

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