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WSET 3, Here I Come!


Hello Everyone! I am so excited to announce that I have just started the WSET 3 course and hope to sit for the exam in July (if everything goes well! *fingers crossed*).

What is WSET? 3?

WSET stands for Wine & Spirits Education Trust. There are 4 levels, the 4th of which is dipWSET or Diploma WSET. There is also a certification for Sake as well.

What about “The Court?”

The Court Of Master Sommeliers (CMS) is also a prestigious and nationally recognized wine program (like WSET, which is based out of the UK). The CMS certification is great, as some may know that is where I started, however they have postponed all exams and courses due to covid. Furthermore, they’ve had a heck of a year with a few different issues and I’m not sure I want to be associated with it anymore.

But there’s better news! The WSET is more for distributors, retail and sales associates, and – what I techinically am – educators (wine and spirit EDUCATION trust, you know? It’s right in the name). So this is even better for how I cater to clients with The Somm Chef.

So What Now?

The WSET has a very different type of examination than CMS, so I will be posting my short answer questions and wine tasting notes online in future blog posts. If anything doesn’t make sense, or if you are a WSET student yourself and notice I’ve missed something, I’d love your feedback!

Hi! I'm Sydney,

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I left a marketing career in Hollywood to go to the Culinary Institute of America. After a few years of working in restaurants, I am now a private chef and sommelier in the 30a area.


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