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On the list for 7/8/22 weekly wine picks is a Champagne that pairs with nearly anything on your table, a Rosso from a powerhouse Brunnello producer, and a white that’s the #1 value pick of 2021 wine pick from James Suckling.

NV Laherte Frères Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature Champagne

on sale for $60 get it here

In case you were wondering, Blanc de Blanc means that this wine is made from 100% Chardonnay grapes. What this means for the Champagne is that it will have a great acidity and a lighter palate (than say a Blanc de Noirs which would be 100% Pinot Noir or red grapes). To me, this is a $60 bottle that’s comparable with $80+ bottles. Get it while you can! It doesn’t last long.

This wine makes the 7/8/22 weekly wine picks list because (first, among many reasons) it’s an incredible food wine. It’s got an incredibly powerful and refreshing acidity making it a winner with food options from fried chicken to spicy Thai food. The ABV% lays at a nice 12%, keeping it light and airy.

I’ve used this Champagne multiple times for client dinners and in the past have paired it with multiple items like cheese boards or buttery poached lobster ravioli.

Buy this wine for special occasions and celebratory toasts.

Red: 2018 Capanna Rosso di montalcino

$24 get it here

If you like Brunello but want a wine for a Tuesday night, this is your bottle. Sometimes these wines are called “baby Brunellos” but the Italian’s aren’t so keen on this label because the wine has it’s own set of soils and styles. So what’s the difference?

Italian wine laws stipulate that in order to be a “Brunello di Montalcino” the wine has to be 100% Sangiovese from the Montalcino region, with a minimum of 4 years of aging, a minimum of 2 years in oak and 4 months in bottle. The aging process alone will make the price of a Brunello start in the mid to high $30’s. This makes the wine richer, and more complex with non-fruit notes to even out the fruiter ones.

A Rosso from the same grape, region and vineyards, (but usually different plots) does not have any aging requirements and thereby can be sold one year after harvest. There are also no wood requirements, which means it’s younger, easier to drink, brighter and more fruit forward than Brunello. Also, Sangiovese can be blended with other varieties if desired. Furthermore, typically different plots on a vineyard are designated for Rosso wines.

Capanna is a winery that makes fabulous Brunellos and Rossos alike. This stunner is currently on sale for under $30.

I love this wine because it’s an affordable, quality pick from a winery with a great (and growing) reputation.

Buy it for a week night, pair it with a steak or a simple Carbonara.

White: 2021 Pewsey Vale Vineyard Riesling Eden Valley Australia

$18 get it here

James Suckling’s staff rated this as the #1 value of 2021. When Americans hear “Riesling” the majority of people are in one of two camps. They either think “sweet wine” or they think “bad wine”. It’s a life goal of mine to change that.

This Riesling is from Australia in the Eden Valley where high elevation yields long hang times (leading to complexity in grapes) and big diurnal temperature ranges.

The wine is dry (meaning not sweet!) and has a linear precision on the palate that will wake you up more than a shot of espresso. This is a white wine that you can age beautifully. The fruit is well balanced with mineral notes keeping it in the classic style of the serious German and Austrian styles.

Best news of all – it’s under $20. I already have this one in my cellar.

Buy it for today, tomorrow, and and few years from now. This is another great food wine – I recommend salmon tacos, chicken skewers with peanut sauce, or a fabulous cheese board.

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And those are the three for 7/1/22 Weekly Wine Picks! Try them out and let me know what you think. As always, I love to hear your feedback.

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