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Homemade Hot Fudge – with Espresso

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Hot fudge is one of those things you can buy at the store, yes. However, I’ve found that making it from scratch (while working in restaurants and for private events alike) adds so much more flavor and elevates any dessert. Sure, to your guests it adds extra care and time, but even in a blind taste test – this one will win out.

I also love this hot fudge because it’s sweet without being overly so. It’s got a hint of espresso in it, which adds a savory and bitter component to balance out the honey and semi-sweet chocolate.

The best part is — this recipe is so flexible. If you only need enough for two or three people (or you happened to have accidentally eaten most of your bag of chocolate chips), you can scale it down. If you need enough for a crowd (got 10 people coming in to visit for the week? Definitely have this on hand for the kiddos), you can scale it up.

Also, all you really have to do is throw the ingredients in a pot and gently heat while whisking. It might look pretty watery at first, but it does thicken up! If you would like thinner so you can drizzle more, add a touch more cream or some more espresso!

The Recipe Homemade Hot Fudge

1 Bag Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips
1 Cup Heavy Cream
1/4 Cup Honey
4 Shots Espresso (or black coffee)

Combine in a pot over medium low heat and whisk frequently until melted. About 5 minutes. Thin with cream as needed.

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