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Wine Tastings, Culinary Classes & More

Wine Educator & Private Chef

Irmàna Frappato Wine Review and Sicilian Wines

Welcome to Sicily! One of the craziest wine regions in the world....

Rosé Wine Spritzer

What could be better in Summer than a Rosé wine spritzer? I know you can...

Chablis, Burgundy & Wine Review

photo credit Chablis is a white wine Region with fabulous, bright and...

Australian Wine Regions and Semillon

Australian wines are exceptional values and truly coming into their own....

White Burgundy Wine – How to Find Great Values

Let's talk about White Burgundy. 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 You may recognize some of the...

Basil Granita with Heirloom Tomato Salad

This Basil Granita is a showstopper for sure. It's fun to see the wonder...

Homemade Hot Fudge – with Espresso

Hot fudge is one of those things you can buy at the store, yes. However,...

Homemade Ricotta

Have you ever made your own ricotta? You'll be amazed at how easy making...

Fish Tacos with Cilantro Lime Crema

Summer is all about Fish Tacos! I really love all things food, but tacos...

Rosé Berry Betty

I present to you the Rosé Berry Betty. A dessert that's like a crumble,...

Rosé Berry Betty

I present to you the Rosé Berry Betty. A dessert that's like a crumble,...

Wine Review: Sumarroca Cava Reserve D.O.

It's Cava a Big Deal Time for another review and a bit more info about...

Culinary Diaries: Fundamentals Day 2

Day two began with a great start. My team and I met a few minutes early...

Famiglia Castellani Chianti Classico Riserva Wine Review & Italian Wine Law (intro)

Phew - that title was a mouthful! Welcome to the beautiful Italian...

3 Ways to Use leftover Pumpkin Purée

Easy and quick savory pumpkin recipes to warm up your season.

Food & Wine Questions

Is Wine Vegan?

Is wine vegan? Is it not? I think it depends on the vegan. Here's the deal. Some wine is clarified through a process called "fining" this occurs when a "fining agent" is added to a vat of ready-to-bottle wine to remove sediment. It might have some dead yeast (lees) in...

Why Wine Contains Sulfites

Why do wines have added sulfites? SO2, Sulfur Dioxide is a naturally occurring part of the winemaking process. It is a byproduct of making alcohol. However, it can also be added at a few different winemaking points to preserve the freshness of the grapes and wine....

What is Tannin in Wine?

Tannins are found in red grape skins and seeds as well as oak. They cause an astringent or bitterness when either too much is extracted from grapes or when young. As a wine matures, either in a fermenting vessel such as oak or stainless steel, the tannins soften and...


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Send in your questions and get answers. Cooking Techniques, Knife Skills, Wine Styles, and Wine How-To’s.


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Sign up for a class and get in the kitchen! For an interactive experience, let’s make ravioli, or roll some sushi! Great for kids too!


Fresh Ingredients

I will always encourage you to use sustainable and seasonal ingredients for every meal.


Wine & Food

Whether small bites for happy hour, or 3 courses and bubbly, this is where the best of wine meets the best of food.


Wine Tastings

Custom tastings on any topic you choose. The topic can be about your cellar favorites, or something brand new.


Recipes from the Heart

I love cooking, but more than that, I love teaching other people how to cook. If there’s something you’ve wanted to learn how to make for a while – reach out and let’s see what magic we can make.